Cruise America Partners with Harvest Hosts for an Exciting RV Travel Promotion

For over 50 years, Cruise America has been a leading provider of RV rentals and sales, offering high-quality vehicles and exceptional customer service. Meanwhile, Harvest Hosts has made a name for itself in the RV world by providing unique overnight stay locations at farms, wineries, museums, and other scenic spots across North America. This October, these two RV travel giants are teaming up to enhance the RVing experience even further.


Cruise America has announced an exciting new collaboration with Harvest Hosts, which will allow customers who purchase a new RV in October or November 2023 to receive a free one-year membership to Harvest Hosts. This provides new RV owners access to an unparalleled network of over 8,000 overnight locations that go beyond standard campgrounds.

The Details of the Cruise America and Harvest Hosts RV travel Promotion

This new promotion from Cruise America is valid for any new RV purchased through Cruise America in October or November 2023. As soon as the sale is finalized, new RV owners will receive a unique code for a free one-year Harvest Hosts membership.

With a Harvest Hosts membership, RVers can stay overnight at participating farms, wineries, museums, and other small businesses and scenic spots. This provides travelers with safe, legal places to park their RV while also connecting them with unique local businesses and charming communities across North America. Currently, Harvest Hosts offers access to over 8,000 host locations spanning all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

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The Timing of the RV travel Promotion

The Cruise America and Harvest Hosts promotion runs from October 1st through November 30th, 2023. RV purchases must be made within this time frame to be eligible for the free Harvest Hosts membership.

Cruise America will distribute the Harvest Hosts membership codes to eligible customers when they finalize their RV purchase at dealership locations. New RV owners can then activate their free year-long membership directly through the Harvest Hosts website.

Expanding Horizons for RV Travelers

This collaboration aims to enhance the RV travel experience by connecting owners with a diverse range of unique overnight locations. Harvest Hosts offers farms, wineries, golf courses, museums, and other scenic small businesses that allow self-contained RVs to park overnight on their properties.

Not only does RV travel promotion this provide RV travelers with cost-effective and safe places to stay, but it expands the possibilities for adventure. Imagine spending the night on a vineyard in Napa Valley, at a craft brewery in Vermont, or on a horse ranch in Texas. Harvest Hosts opens up a world of customized travel experiences.

Benefits for All Involved

On the surface, this promotion provides new Cruise America RV buyers with an added perk: one year of complimentary access to Harvest Hosts’ network of distinctive overnight spots. But the collaboration also carries deeper advantages for Cruise America, Harvest Hosts, RV travelers, and small businesses across North America.

Cruise America Reaches New Customers

For Cruise America, the promotion introduces RV buyers to the unique travel benefits offered by Harvest Hosts. Providing new owners with everything they need for effortless adventure is part of Cruise America’s customer-focused mission. The partnership aligns perfectly with Cruise America’s passion for facilitating memorable RV getaways.

Additionally, the offer caters to younger generations showing growing interest in RV travel. Millennials and Gen Zers crave immersive experiences that allow them to forge connections with local cultures. pairing new RV owners with Harvest Hosts taps into this increasing demand.

Harvest Hosts Attracts New Members

Through Cruise America, Harvest Hosts can educate prospective members about the perks of joining, potentially attracting new sign-ups beyond just promotion recipients. RV travel influencers and top Facebook contributors in the Majestic Sales Group will also receive free Harvest Hosts memberships to experience and spotlight the benefits firsthand.

More members means more exposure for Harvest Hosts’ host locations too. The network strives to drive tourism to the small businesses and charm of rural communities. An influx of new members could bring more patrons to participating farms, wineries, museums, and other stops.

RV Travelers Gain Customized Experiences

Most importantly, this collaboration enhances RV vacations by connecting travelers to unique and welcoming spots reflecting regional character. Tired of crowded campgrounds with noisy neighbors? Harvest Hosts allows you to spend the night on a peaceful family farm instead. Have an affinity for craft beer? Stay at a small-town brewery. By teaming up with Harvest Hosts, Cruise America enables more RVers to enjoy one-of-a-kind travel.

How to Take Advantage of This Promotion

Cruise America RV buyers interested in scoring a free Harvest Hosts membership should act fast. The promotion covers purchases made in October and November 2023 at any Cruise America dealership locations across the U.S.

The company will distribute Harvest Hosts membership codes once RV sales are finalized. New owners can then activate their year-long membership by visiting the Harvest Hosts website.

For more information on the Cruise America and Harvest Hosts collaboration, visit the Cruise America website. Interested parties can also learn more about Harvest Hosts membership benefits on the Harvest Hosts website. Questions can be directed to the Harvest Hosts marketing team at

With thousands of unique overnight spots across North America, Harvest Hosts membership takes RV travel to the next level. Cruise America buyers can now access these customizable experiences at no extra cost. This promotion promises to enhance RV vacations and support small businesses – a win-win for RV enthusiasts seeking adventure on the open road.

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