Brinkley Model Z Air 295 Travel Trailer: A New Era in RV Design

A manufacturer that continues to impress in all of the details that matter the most. The Brinkley Model Z air 295, a revolutionary addition to the travel trailer series. This model isn’t just another entry in the long line of RVs; it’s a game-changer with its unique floor plan and exceptional features. Let’s dive into what makes the Brinkley Model Z air 295 stand out.

Design and Layout

At first glance, the Brinkley Model Z impresses with its slightly unconventional floor plan. It breaks the monotony of similar layouts we’ve seen time and again in the RV industry. The trailer feels massive inside, despite adhering to the standard 8-foot width, thanks to its extra-tall interiors.

The 7-foot sidewalls coupled with a barrel-vaulted ceiling make for an airy, spacious environment. This design choice allows for larger slide-outs, accommodating a massive 16 cubic foot 12-volt compressor fridge – a feature typically reserved for fifth-wheel trailers.

Advanced Features

The Brinkley Model Z air 295 boldly brings fifth-wheel luxuries to the travel trailer domain. It’s designed for those who might have mobility concerns; the flat deck and accessible design make moving in and around the trailer a breeze.

The RV boasts dual standard air conditioners, including a massive 18,000 BTU unit in the living area, which also ducts into the bunk room. Remarkably, running both air conditioners on a 30-amp service is possible, a rare feat for a travel trailer straight from the factory.

Construction Details

Moving beyond conventional designs, the Brinkley Model Z opts for a woodless floor construction. It uses composite decking top and bottom, all reinforced with an aluminum substructure.

The furniture choices, like the innovative super sofa and the alternative to traditional dinettes, reflect Brinkley’s commitment to doing things differently. No table if you don’t need it, but just the right amount of dining room if you do!

Interior Highlights

Inside the Brinkley Model Z, every inch speaks of thoughtful design and efficient use of space. The kitchen is a marvel with counter space on both sides of the stove and microwave, and conveniently placed power outlets. The absence of a sink in the island maximizes usable prep space. Storage solutions throughout the RV are smart and abundant, addressing one of the common pain points in travel trailer designs.

The cooling and heating systems are advanced, ensuring comfort in varying climates. The attention to detail in the interior design, from the strategic placement of appliances to the use of space for storage, speaks volumes about the thought process behind this model.

Prototype Features and Feedback Opportunity

As we explore this early prototype, it’s clear that Brinkley is open to consumer feedback before the Model Z Air 295 goes into full production in 2024. This approach is refreshing in the RV industry, allowing potential buyers to have a say in the final product.

Features like the square flow windows, the bug screens to be added in the production models, and the feedback-driven potential tweaks are all part of Brinkley’s consumer-centric approach. Brinkley seems to REALLY focus on the practicality of the features that they put into their designs, and this is something that I really really appreciate.

Not only this but they LISTEN to their customers and integrate many of their critiques into the next model.

Exterior Features and Towing

The Model Z Air 295 doesn’t just impress with its interior; the exterior is equally remarkable. Its design is striking, with a Decepticon-cool aesthetic. The oversized baggage doors with magnet holdbacks reveal a spacious storage area, facilitated by a mini drop frame – an unusual feature for a travel trailer. The placement of switches and controls in the storage area is thoughtfully done at a higher level to avoid damage.

Towing considerations are vital, and the Model Z leans towards a 3/4 ton towing requirement, considering its size and features. This aspect ensures stability and safety while on the move. There are some that would tow this with a half ton, but I REALLY don’t think it can handle it. Maybe the towing capacity is there, but the length of the Brinkley along with the payload capacity is certainly going to be the max for most 1/2 ton trucks.

Safety and Comfort Considerations

Safety and comfort are paramount in the Brinkley Model Z. The ladder design is a notable feature, designed to prevent water accumulation and potential freeze damage. Interior comfort is enhanced in areas like the bathroom, where the extra tall ceiling allows for a spacious feel, and in the bedroom, where the padded headboard and quiet air conditioning ensure a good night’s sleep.

The tall ceilings help in the bathroom and the bunk areas. Places that are a pain if you don’t have the right amount of clearance.


The Brinkley Model Z sets a new standard in the travel trailer market. It challenges the norm, brings unprecedented features, and offers a level of luxury and convenience that is hard to find in its segment. Stay tuned as this exciting model moves closer to production, and don’t miss the chance to have your say in

If you would like, a FULL pre-production spec sheet is available over on the Brinkley Website.

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